Virmach:夏季促销,1核/512M/10G SSD/1T/G口/年付$7.2,9月更换AMD平台







CPU 内存 SSD 流量 价格 购买
1核 512M 10G 1T $7.2/年 直达链接
1核 768M 15G 2T $9.6/年 直达链接
1核 1G 20G 3T $12.0/年 直达链接
2核 2G 40G 4T $20.0/年 直达链接
3核 3G 60G 5T $28.0/年 直达链接


*Your service will provision on a server that has a planned migration between approximately 09/30/2021 and 04/30/2022. You will either receive a notice allowing you to self-migrate to a Ryzen node, or you may be required as a part of scheduled migration. After migration, IPv4 will change, as will network blend. Location may change, but we’ll keep you in a similar region. For example, if you select Buffalo, New York, you may be moved to NYC Metro, New York. While we have planned to migrate the above packages to Ryzen nodes before the end of their annual term, it is not a guarantee. No ETA is provided. Please note, there is a possibility that your service may be consolidated into another Intel node before a Ryzen node if there is limited availability, but we will try to avoid that.

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